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Carepath – Challenging Behaviour

Posted on September 22, 2017 By Instructor 03

Carepath’s Challenging Behaviour programme on Coping with Challenging Behaviours  provides the student with an understanding of challenging behaviours and the factors that can create challenging behaviours. It will also provide the student with the knowledge and skills to effectively work with a child with challenging behaviours in a school or home

Course Content Modules

  1. What is behaviour
  2. Why do people behave in particular ways
  3. Understanding of what is meant by Challenging behaviour
  4. Examples of behavioural difficulties
  5. Role of observation in dealing with challenging behaviour
  6. Importance of non-confrontational response to challenging behaviour
  7. Effective strategies to reduce challenging behaviour

What you will gain from this course!
• Understand the concept of “challenging behaviour”
• Acquire knowledge of the underlying causes of challenging behaviour
• Become familiar with the model of Positive Behaviour Support as an approach to supporting individuals with learning disability who present with challenging behaviour
• Develop an ability to gather appropriate information about an individual presenting with challenging behaviour, which can be used in the development of a Behaviour Support Plan.