Carepath – Dementia Awareness

Posted on September 25, 2017 By Instructor 03

The Carepath’s Dementia Care & Awareness programme will look at how dementia is now both a national and global concern and why there is a need to develop awareness and understanding of the facts relating to dementia. This course will explore the neurology of dementia, the various forms of dementia and best practice in dementia care.

Prepared and written by our fantastic Healthcare tutors to link closely with our QQI Healthcare Support programmes, this course will examine how practice care can be improved, exploring current research evidence that emphasises the importance of putting the needs of people with dementia at the centre of the care we provide. The course will further address attitudes and stigma around dementia and some of the difficult issues that arise for people with dementia and their family carers during the dementia journey of care.

Learners who complete this course with us will have developed upon their existing skills and knowledge base, in order to provide competent care to a person with dementia which promotes the principles of person-centeredness.

Our Aims & Objectives in terms of the learner:

  1. To assist the learner to gain knowledge of the neurology of dementia and sub types.
  2. To support the learner in developing their knowledge, skills and understanding of the needs of people with dementia and promote quality care.
  3. To assist the learner to develop greater awareness of person-centred care, best practices and importance of effective communication skills in dementia care
  4. To enable the learner to gain knowledge of the concepts of equality, rights, diversity and inclusion, which are fundamental to person centred approach.
  5. To facilitate the learner to recognise the important role of family/carers in the area of dementia care.


Who should study this course?

  • This course is suitable for all healthcare staff who are currently working in the area of dementia.
  • People studying existing QQI Healthcare Courses.
  • Those working in care of the older person care settings, whether residential, community or acute care.

Or those who wish to gain additional certification to work in the area of dementia care.